Plenary talks

Future High-Speed Plastic Optical Fiber Network – “Capillary of Light”
Y. Koike. Keio University
9:00 AM, September 10

Y. KoikeHe has been Professor of Keio University since 1997.  He developed the high-bandwidth graded-index polymer optical fiber “GI POF”, highly scattered optical transmission polymer “HSOT”, zero birefringence polymer, etc.  He has been leading project entitled “Face-to-Face Communication Business by Ultra High-Speed Plastic Optical Fiber and High-Definition Photonics Polymer” in the FIRST Program selected by the Cabinet Office of Japan since March 2010.  He has been invited to lecture and has given keynote speeches at over 200 international conferences. Awards: the International Engineering and Technology Award of the Society of Plastics Engineers in 1994, the Fujiwara Award in 2001, and an honor of Medal with Purple Ribbon in Palace in 2006.  In 2007, he was conferred as an honorary doctorate from Eindhoven University of Technology.